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“Why is Maura in our ops meetings?"

I have been fortunate to work hand-in-hand with CEOs and thought leaders in different industries who understand the value of marketing for all aspects of business.

Below are just a few highlights to illustrate the power of strategic marketing.

Project logo
Centennial branding and strategic plan
Leveraging an Anniversary to Support Organizational Goals

Rather than taking a retrospective and historic approach, Blood Bank of Hawaii showcased how relevant the organization is today and how it's poised to support public healthcare system well into the future.  Awarded America Blood Centers Award of Excellence.

Guest experience program
Branding as Creative Solution for Operations

Castle Resorts & Hotels used branding to tackle a supply chain issue, improve the customer experience and save the company money.  Program included implementing employee orientation, guest services standards, and new guest experience products.

Branding guest experience
Chicken or the Egg?  Yes.

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua pre-opening team was tasked with building its Asia-Pacific market.  To gain the business five-star service criteria needed to be met.  Without the business, there was no revenue to support the added expense.  Which comes first?  Both.  Enter the International Guest Services concept, successfully piloted for Ritz-Carlton.  

Program rebranding
More than Just a New Logo 

When national headquarters initiated a rebrand of United Way 211 logo, Aloha United Way took the opportunity to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan to rejuvenate its program, generate interest and increase utilization.  Created print and digital collateral and implemented PR and sales strategy.  

Coming Soon
Applying Innovative Marketing Principles for Employee Morale and Engagement

Blood Bank of Hawaii received national recognition for applying innovative marketing principles to maintain morale and engagement during an enterprise system implementation. Published in Journal of Transfusion Medicine.

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