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Applying Innovative Marketing Principles to Maintain Morale and Engagement 

While traditionally considered an IT project,  an organization-wide computer system implementation is actually an enterprise level, resource and time intensive endeavor.  Maintaining employee morale and engagement is critical to successful implementation. Employing professional marketing techniques this project used creative and innovative approaches to sustain project focus, strategic alignment and team cohesiveness, and ultimately drive success. 

Blood Bank of Hawaii

The 3-year campaign received national recognition and was published in AABB Journal of Transfusion Medicine.

Must-win icon
Must-Win Logo
Implementation team logo
Compelling internal project team newsletter
Celebrating milestones to lift up team members
Celebrating milestones to garner support
Celebrating milestones to generate awareness
Celebrating milestones as employee touch point
Implementation Team Logo
Monthly EDD Newlsetter
Celebrating Milestones
Interactive poster for hands-on engagement with staff
Oversize poster to increase project awareness for all employees
Countdown poster to generate excitement
Interactive Poster with Timeline and Countdown Calendar
Postcard to showcase project team
Postcard to engage staff
Staff initiated contribution for interactive poster
Event to engage staff
Engaging Staff 
Themed team locker room for go-live weekend
Go Live Cafe to support staff during go-live weekend
Themed team locker room for go-live weekend
Well stocked team locker room for go-live weekend
Serving implementation team
Supporting Staff for Go-Live Weekend
Implementation team mascot
Providing sustenance for go-live weekend
Celebrating go-live
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