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Branding as Creation Solution for Operations

How to  compete in the marketplace as a small independent chain without a unifying brand name, rather just individual property names?  That goes against Branding 101.  The solution evolved after many meetings in which the operations team was lead by a marketer continually responding to the barriers posed with,

"If we can't do that, what can we do?"

Castle Resorts & Hotels

Situation Overview

Castle Resorts & Hotels (CRH)  is a hotel management company comprised of 26 properties ranging from 2-star condominiums to 5-star hotels, large and small.  Its unique sales proposition to the property owners is to maintain the properties' identity without imposing CRH in its name.


If we can't brand the name, we could brand the experience.  In order to that, we needed to develop the program elements and execution plan for a comprehensive Guest Relations Program to be used as a differentiation strategy for CRH and its competitive set.   The program  was to set delivery standards, expectations, implementation, reinforcement and measurement to ensure compliance and continuity for all CRH managed properties.


  • Incredible cost savings on printed collateral, bathroom amenities and uniforms by leveraging bulk purchasing rather than properties purchasing individually prior to program implementation.  Before the program:

    • Properties offered only 3 bathroom amenities that were of lower quality, cost more,  not consistent across properties and were not uniquely CRH branded products.​

    • With significant cost savings properties were able to provide additional and better quality collateral with no increased spending.

  • Improved customer experience as guest touchpoints were thoughtfully crafted and consistently implemented.

  • Employee pride and feeling of belonging improved with CRH uniforms and investment into guest services program.

  • Work performance improved with accountability and quality measurement program implemented.

  • Improved sales and customer retention with cross-selling of properties.

  • Implementation of formalized corporate orientation and training program for all properties

New uniforms as branding opportunity
Branded key packets as cross-promotional opportunity
Standardize welcome branding
Welcome - Orchards, key packets & uniformed staff
Branded and standardized welcome letter
Standardized bathroom amenities
Bathroom Amenities
In-room Collateral - GM wlecome letter, directory, housekeeping courtesy card, coupon book
Branded welcome card
Standardized maintenance card
Accountabiliuty and Measurement - Housekeeping and maintennace courtesy cards, guest comment cards 
Branded compendium
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