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More Than Just a Logo

There's the easy way to do things and there's the right way.  Marketers live in a deadline driven world with accountability to both internal and external customers.  When a national brand hands you a pre-package logo to roll out locally, one person may see it as a task while another may see it as a platform to take the program

to the next level.

Aloha United Way

Situation Overview

United Way Worldwide developed a more contemporary logo for its national 211 program and asked local chapters to adopt and rebrand its collateral with provided templates.  


The new logo rollout was an opportune time to generate awareness and rejuvenate the 211 program through a 3-month comprehensive marketing campaign to include

  • New collateral

    • National templates did not resonate for local market ​

    • Shifted focus of collateral to the beneficiaries of the program rather than the staff providing the service

  • PR push for radio and TV using new logo as hook for relevance and timeliness 

  • Tiered sales blitz to non-profit partners referring clients to the program

  • Social media campaign to generate awareness and trial for community members in need

New uniforms
Standardized key packets company-wide
Welcome - Orchards, key packets & uniformed staff
Implementing new branding from corporate headquarters
Standardized welcome letter
Standardized bathroom amenities which maximized quality while minimized cost
Bathroom Amenities
In-room Collateral - GM wlecome letter, directory, housekeeping courtesy card, coupon book
Personalized welcome note
Maintenance courtesy card
Accountabiliuty and Measurement - Housekeeping and maintennace courtesy cards, guest comment cards 
Branded guest services component
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